How to choose the best padel racket for you?

Have your friends persuaded you to start playing padel and it’s time to buy your first padel racket? Or have you been playing for a while and feel like you want to get more out of your racket? Here we go through the different properties of padel rackets to make your choice easier. What is the advantage of a round rack, or that it weighs a lot? Here we go through what you should think about to find the best padel racket for you and your playing style. Have you just started playing? Read our buying guide for beginners.

With a huge selection, and more people showing up daily, it can be difficult to choose the padel racket. There is no racket that suits everyone, but each racket has characteristics that must be matched with you who use them. What level are you at?
A common mistake we see with our customers is that as a beginner you buy a racket that is far too difficult to play. This can lead to your development curve actually deteriorating as many strokes become more difficult. You who are a beginner, should choose an easy-to-play racket that is forgiving and gives a relatively clean hit even a little further out towards the edge of the racket. As you develop and your style of play becomes clearer, you will find features in padel rackets that you value more than others. You may have an offensive style of play and are looking for maximum speed for winning strokes. You want to play with a padel racket that strengthens your strengths, and at the same time helps you with your weaknesses.

How often do you play?
Are you an exercise player who plays from time to time or do you spend several hours a week on the pitch? For those of you who play a lot of padel, it may be worth investing in a really good padel racket that will improve your game and make it more fun to spend time on the track.

On the other hand, you as a beginner will not notice much difference between a simpler racket and a professional racket. The better you get, the more you will demand of your padel racket. Margins simply become more important and you will notice things you have not noticed before.

Physical shape
Choose a padel racket that is adapted to your weight and physical shape! Women and children often play with the lighter racket to be able to swing faster, while men to a greater extent choose to play with heavier rackets that provide more power.

For those of you who have previous injuries or developed a tennis elbow, you want to play with a reasonably heavy racket that is easy to swing but at the same time dampens the ball’s speed.

The shape of the padel racket
The shape of the padel racket is one of the things that affects its properties the most. There is a big difference in how a round or diamond-shaped padel racket affects your game. For example, if you want a forgiving and easy-to-play racket that gives you high precision, a round padel racket is preferable. If you are an offensive player looking for maximum speed, the diamond-shaped padel racket is your choice!

Simplified, you can divide the different shapes of the padel rack; round, drip and diamond-shaped padel racket, in three degrees of difficulty. Round is the most easy to play, diamond-shaped is the most difficult and the drop-shaped ones are like a mixture between the two. Here we go into more depth of what shape suits you!

Round – High control and precision
A round padel racket provides the largest impact area, and also has the largest sweetspot. This means that the ball can be hit by a relatively large part of the racket without the ball court being particularly affected. The balance point is close to the handle, which creates more control. The round rack swings easily to quickly get into position in pressured situations.

So what’s the downside? With a round racket, you choose accuracy over power. Since the balance point is close to the handle, the leverage effect is weak. With that said, a round padel racket is not just for the beginner. We generally recommend the round padel racket especially for beginners, but of course a round padel racket can also suit you who are professionals and value precision above all else. On the World Padel Tour, some of the world’s best players play with round paddle rackets.

Diamond shaped – Maximum speed
Diamond-shaped is the most difficult form to play and is more suitable for advanced players. The hitting surface and balance points are located in the diamond-shaped padel rack closer to the top of the rack. It means more speed in volleys and smashes but is compromised with slightly less control. Here we have a smaller sweetspot, ie the surface where you get a clean ball hit, which means that it will require more of you as a player. You can say that your skills are enhanced with the diamond-shaped rack. Worse hits will get worse but good will get even better!

Are you a beginner? Then you should look at the other two forms!

Drop-shapedA combination of round and diamond-shaped
A drop-shaped padel racket is a nice balancing act between speed and control. Here, as an ambitious beginner, you get a rack to develop together with. The shape’s properties allow you to maintain a good speed but without compromising too much on the control.

The weight of the rack
As we mentioned before, it is important that you adjust the weight of the rack to your physical shape. Lighter racks provide higher swing speed, but the mass hitting the ball is smaller than in a heavy rack. This means that lighter racks give a lower ball speed. So if you have a good force in your game, you get more speed in the ball when using a heavy rack.

The choice of padel racket is of course important, but do not make it too complicated. Are you a beginner? Then choose a lighter round rack, you will probably be satisfied no matter what! On the other hand, are you at a higher level? Then you probably already know what you like. Maybe you’ve stuck to the many benefits of the teardrop-shaped racket, and play it with heavy weight to get higher ball speed.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions, or see our wide range of padle rackets we play with ourselves. We make it easy to choose the best padle racket!




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